What next?

If you have been to our worship gatherings and you liked your experience at Resurrection Church, there are other things you might like to explore. Including:

Newcomers Gatherings

To help you connect you are invited to a social gathering where you will meet our Pastor and other church leaders. They will explain to you what happens at Resurrection Church and answer any questions you may have about us.

Newcomers Orientation

Orientation courses, held over 4 weeks, are hosted regularly. In this orientation course, you will get to learn more about who we are as a church, our vision and goals, and explore how you can settle into life here at Resurrection Church.


If you are not a Christian, or if you are new to the Christian faith, Alpha is for you. The Alpha Course, which originates from the UK, is an introduction to the Christian faith. It is an informal course with DVD and discussions that explore what Christians believe. If you are interested in this course please let us know.

Life Groups

Life groups are groups of between 6 and 16 people meeting regularly to help people grow spiritually, find care and support and to build friendships. Life groups are an integral part of our church and you will find it a tremendous support on your Christian journey.

“Test Driving” an area of service

One of the things you will notice at Resurrection Church is we love socialising and serving one another both within the church and the wider community. Serving gives you an opportunity to serve alongside others and to be a blessing. If serving is something you would like to do, you are welcome to “test drive” a programme, or ministry, at Resurrection Church for three months. If you enjoyed the experience and you are found suitable, you are welcome to stay on. However, if you found this ministry was not the best fit for you, you are then free to leave and try something else. Please note that some programmes and ministries have certain criteria that volunteers must meet.