Some of us may already be reading the bible daily (great — keep going!); but many of us will have either fallen out of the habit, or perhaps never developed the habit in the first place.  Which is why in 2021 the whole congregation of Resurrection Church is invited to join in reading the Bible together daily over the course of the year.

This year we are going to be following the 5-Day Bible Reading Program.  This reading schedule helps you to read through the whole Bible (or just the NT or OT) in a year, while leaving 2 days a week to catch up on missed readings, do other Bible reading, study a passage more in-depth, etc. 

You can download the schedule here.  And click here to join a WhatsApp group with others following the same programme in our church, so that you can ask questions and discuss the readings.  And, if it would help, download an app (sorry, iOS only) to help you stay on schedule.

Many commenced their reading on January 1st, but you are not too late!  You can still join us any time in 2021.  Just download the program, join the WhatsApp group and begin at the current week's readings.