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Bible Reading Programme

Some of us may already be reading the bible daily (great — keep going!); but many of us will have either fallen out of the habit, or perhaps never developed the habit in the first place.  Which is why in 2023 the whole congregation of Resurrection Church is invited to join in reading the Bible together daily over the course of the year.

This year we are following the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Everyday it gives you four readings, from four different sections of the Bible. If you read all four, you will complete the Old Testament once and the New Testament + Psalms twice in a year. If you complete only the first three readings every day, you will read the whole Bible through once in a year. 


Many commence their reading on January 1st, but you are not too late!  You can still join us any time in 2023.  Just download the program, start reading and hear God speak through His Word. 

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