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The ministry of Resurrection Church is entirely funded by the giving of church family and friends.  Through their generosity, we are able to invite people to listen to and live for the Lord Jesus Christ, perhaps for the first time.

We ask everyone who is an active member of Resurrection Church to consider supporting us as financial partners in a prayerful, intentional and consistent manner.  If you would like to partner financially with us, either regularly or with a one-off gift, you may do so in a number of ways described below. 

Methods of Giving

Planned Christian Giving 

We encourage our regular members to plan their giving in a prayerful, intentional and consistent manner.  This also enables the church to budget more accurately and responsibly.  Our “Planned Christian Giving” (PCG) scheme helps you to do this, either through regular cheques or auto-pay arrangement through your bank.  When you join PCG, you will be assigned an appropriate donor ID number.  Tax receipts with a summary of your giving will be issued to you at the end of the taxation year. 

Standing order (autopay)

If you can commit to a regular weekly, monthly or quarterly gift, that helps our planning and makes it easier for you.  Please partner with us in this way if you can. 

Standing order forms can be downloaded from your bank’s website, or you can set it up with online banking.  Our details are as follows:


Bank name / Number : HSBC / 004

Account Name: St Andrew’s Church - Resurrection Church

Account number: 636-192148-838

When you establish a new standing order, please notify the church office of your details with the PCG registration form linked above so that a tax receipt can be issued to you at the end of the financial year.

Cash or Cheque
on Sundays

You may wish to donate during our Sunday services in the offertory.  You can do this through cash or cheque.  Please make cheques payable to:

“St Andrew’s Church - Resurrection Church”.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year, please notify the office of your regular giving with the PCG registration form linked above.


For added convenience, you can give directly via PayMe through our mother church, St Andrew’s.  All of these donations go directly to the general fund.  Please include the following in your payment message: “RXC” so that the money is credited to Resurrection Church (not St Andrew’s).

Use this link to give via PayMe.  Unfortunately, we cannot issue receipts to donors who pay through this channel.  Please also note that there is a 1.2% banking charge.

Online Giving

If the other means of giving are not feasible for you you may give online by clicking the buttons below. You will receive a receipt which may be used for tax purposes instantly via email.

Please be aware that PayPal deducts a fee from every transaction (3.9% of total + $2.35HKD for donations within Hong Kong; 4.4% of total + “fixed fee based on currency received”  on donations received from overseas), so while this method of giving is convenient it is the least efficient.

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